Helping You Protect Your Space with Fences and Gates
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Helping You Protect Your Space with Fences and Gates

When you own property, you want to do what you can to protect it. This is true regardless of if you own commercial property, industrial property, or residential property. One of the best ways to protect your property is by putting up a fence around it and installing the right gates. With the right fence and property, you can increase the overall security of your space. At Magic Fence, we want you to know the best fence and gates for your situation. We are here to provide you with lots of information about gates and fences, so you will know precisely what your property needs.


Helping You Protect Your Space with Fences and Gates

Fence Installation Tips And Considerations

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Upgrading your property with a new fence can improve curb appeal, enhance privacy, and increase security. However, fence installation is more than just an aesthetic upgrade. In order to get the desired results, thorough preparation and thought are required.

Tip: Plan Your Fence Layout Carefully

Before installing a new fence, it is crucial to accurately measure your property to determine the area that needs fencing. Measuring errors can lead to purchasing too much or too little material, impacting the project's overall cost and timeline. Use a reliable measuring tool like a laser distance measurer for precise measurements.

After measuring your property accurately, consider where you want the fence installed based on privacy needs, security requirements, or aesthetic preferences. Additionally, research any local zoning laws or homeowners association rules that may dictate specific height restrictions or style guidelines for fences in your neighborhood.

Tip: Do Not Skimp On Materials

Investing in high-quality materials for your fence installation is crucial for long-lasting durability and overall aesthetic appeal. While saving money by purchasing cheaper alternatives can be tempting, doing so can lead to frequent repairs, replacements, or even an unattractive final result that does not meet your expectations. It is worth investing in quality materials from reputable suppliers to ensure the longevity and appearance of your fence.

Tip: Keep Maintenance Requirements In Mind When Choosing a Fence Material

Different fencing materials require varying levels of maintenance over time. Vinyl fences seldom require maintenance beyond the occasional washing with soap and water, but wooden fences may need to be painted or stained on a regular basis. Aluminum fencing requires minimal maintenance but may need touch-ups if scratched or dented. Consider the ongoing upkeep necessary for each material when making your decision.

While some fencing materials may be more affordable upfront, they could cost more over time due to maintenance or replacement needs. Factor in long-term costs when comparing different options, as this can ultimately impact your overall satisfaction with your chosen fence material.

Tip: Do Not Forget About Gate Options

A gate is essential to any fence installation project as it provides access to your property while maintaining security and privacy measures in place through the rest of the enclosure. Various gate types are available depending on their functionality and aesthetics. In particular, pay attention to the locking mechanism. For those who want to avoid needing a key, investing in a lock that uses access codes or biometric markers can be preferable.

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