Helping You Protect Your Space with Fences and Gates
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Helping You Protect Your Space with Fences and Gates

When you own property, you want to do what you can to protect it. This is true regardless of if you own commercial property, industrial property, or residential property. One of the best ways to protect your property is by putting up a fence around it and installing the right gates. With the right fence and property, you can increase the overall security of your space. At Magic Fence, we want you to know the best fence and gates for your situation. We are here to provide you with lots of information about gates and fences, so you will know precisely what your property needs.


Helping You Protect Your Space with Fences and Gates

Reasons To Install An Iron Fence On Your Residential Property

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Fences can mark your property's boundary, boost security, and contain animals. However, you need to choose the ideal fence to match your needs. But, the market offers various fencing options, including wood, aluminum, and vinyl. While these are excellent fences, consider residential iron fence installation, and here's why.


Iron fences are available in different designs, from modern to traditional ones. Also, you can choose simple or complex iron fence designs depending on your preferences. Moreover, the fences come in various sizes and colors, and you can't miss the ideal fence design. 

Nonetheless, if ready-made fencing options aren't satisfactory, you can order a residential iron fence installation. A custom fence contains all the features you require. But, custom fencing costs more as manufacturers spend more time and special equipment to make your fence. So, be ready to spend more on custom iron fences.


Iron is a strong fencing material that's resistant to damage. For instance, iron fencing won't scratch, break, or bend easily. Also, iron isn't susceptible to water damage saving your fence from rotting and mold growth. Hence, your residential iron fence installation can last for years. However, routine fence maintenance, including cleaning and painting, is vital to protect your iron fence's longevity.

Maintenance Ease

Iron fencing is resistant to insect and weather damage, unlike wood fences. Similarly, iron fences don't fade fast as they have a protective coating. Therefore, your residential iron fence installation may require little maintenance. You mainly need to clean your fence regularly to keep your fence in excellent condition.

Environmental Protection

Iron fences are environmentally friendly and can last for years, saving the energy needed to manufacture fence replacements for less-durable options like softwood fences. Likewise, you can recycle iron after reaching its lifespan. Thus, manufacturers avoid lengthy and energy-consuming raw metal ore processing.


Iron fences don't bend easily. Therefore, burglars won't compromise your fence quickly. Besides, installing tall fences with added security features like surveillance cameras or pointed tips can deter unauthorized entry into your property. This boosts your home's security.

Money Savings

Iron fences aren't susceptible to damage. Therefore, your residential property iron fence installation may require fewer repairs. Additionally, rarely will you need to perform iron fence replacement, so you will save money.

Iron fences are durable, eco-friendly, and easy to maintain. Also, iron fences offer security, variety, and money savings. Consider residential iron fence installation for these reasons.

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