Helping You Protect Your Space with Fences and Gates
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Helping You Protect Your Space with Fences and Gates

When you own property, you want to do what you can to protect it. This is true regardless of if you own commercial property, industrial property, or residential property. One of the best ways to protect your property is by putting up a fence around it and installing the right gates. With the right fence and property, you can increase the overall security of your space. At Magic Fence, we want you to know the best fence and gates for your situation. We are here to provide you with lots of information about gates and fences, so you will know precisely what your property needs.


Helping You Protect Your Space with Fences and Gates

How To Maximize The Security Of Your Custom Entry Gate

Ricardo Obrien

If you have installed a fence to provide your home with security, the gate will be an important aspect of the security of your home. It can potentially be a weak link if you do not install the right type of gate.

Custom Entry Gate Security

A custom entry gate must have excellent security. It should be strong enough to where an intruder is not able to break through the gate. It should also be strong enough to where it will not break as a result of being used repeatedly. The gate will need to be easy-to-use for convenience and safety so that you can enter or leave the premises quickly in an emergency.

Sliding Gates

If you have a sliding gate, there are various components you can add to the gate to make it more secure. For example, you can add a bracket to the gate motor to make it more difficult for an individual to engage in forced entry.

Also, sheeting can make it more difficult for a criminal to gain access to the motor. Not only might they access the motor so they can gain access to your gate but they also have the ability to steal your motor. The gate also needs a bracket so it will not be lifted off of its hinge.

Swing Gates

A swing gate is not as secure as a sliding gate and is not ideal if security is your main concern. One issue is that the swinging gate must have edges that are flush with each other. Otherwise, there will be an opening for an intruder to exploit. The gate might be easier to tamper with and will need plates to be installed to prevent this from happening.


As with the rest of the fence, the gate might need a protective coating to make sure that it does not rust when moisture accumulates on the fence. You have the option of a hand-applied coat and a powder-coat base.

Regardless of how well-designed your gate is, it will need to be maintained periodically. Therefore, it is important to make sure the gate is a type that will be easy to maintain. Durability is essential because a gate that breaks down might be easier for an intruder to bypass. 

Fortunately, custom entry gate installation specialists such as Heartwood Gates will be aware of the common security issues associated with gates and will be able to help you install the perfect gate for your property.